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  Moving Saving Tips From Packing Services, Inc.

Moving Saving Tips by Packing Services, Inc.  

Here you will find saving tips that illustrate why exactly moving with Packing Services, Inc. is the right choice. These tips will also help you avoid a lot of future issues that may arise during a move.

Many moving service companies will try to give you the lowest “estimate” and this is how the low-ball moving scams begin. They will fight to book your job for the lowest price, you'll like the estimate, but when you book the job and get going on the moving date, you will find out that whatever they sold you over the phone is completely untrue. Always get a guaranteed flat rate quote from a moving services company directly. Remember, estimates are only an estimation of the final price and are seldom accurate, if ever! Ask for a flat rate quote for the entire job.

When you move, be your own boss:
Never allow a moving company to be in charge! When you hire a moving company, they will tell you how the move will go and how much you are going to pay. With Packing Services, Inc. YOU are the boss, we do what you want us to do. With other moving companies they will TELL you that nothing can go onto their truck unless everything is packed, then the moving scams begin. With Packing Services, Inc. we do not force you to do anything. Whatever will pack whatever you require us to pack, we work for you! Remember you are the boss, so please be smart and make an informed decision. Tell us exactly what you want us to do and let us work hard for you.

Don't Waste Your Time, think smart:
Let Packing Services, Inc. do all the heavy lifting, we are professionals with over ten years experience. We will accomplish in a just a few short hours what could possibly take you a small lifetime to complete. Why spend time stressing over your move. You do what you do for a living and let us lift the burden and put your mind at ease. The time it takes the average person to pack their own belongings can be quite extensive and will wind up paying much more than going with our services.

Time Is Money:
Please do not let any company charge you by the time! At the point you do, you are scamming yourself because you should know that moving takes time and can sometimes take a very long time. Be smart and accept only flat fees. In every business time is money, no one wants to finish the job as soon as possible when they can drag it on and inflate your bill. You deserve to know up front how much you will pay, end of story!

Don't Hurt Yourself:
There are many locations with difficult access such as doors, stairs, narrow hallways and it makes it extremely difficult when moving furniture out or into a room. You don't need to call your family or friends to help you break their backs, or your furniture. Packing Services, Inc. employees are experts in maneuvering large furniture items through narrow hallways and corners into rooms. Packing Services, Inc. makes all the hassle of damaging your own belongings and hurting yourself disappear.

Prevent Scamming Yourself:
When someone hires a moving company, some people will try to give them an inaccurate list of their belongings with fewer items to try to save money on their move. Most moving scams begin this way. You should always ask for a representative to come to your home and let them see what you have to move and get a guaranteed flat rate quote. On the same day of the move, make sure that you sign a full contract with the total fee on the bottom of the page. Do not sign an empty contract or by law the moving company can and will write any price that they wish. It is like signing an empty check and you will be required by law to pay whatever price these unethical companies write on the contract. If you call the police, they will tell you that they can't do anything because it is a civil matter and that you will have to sue the moving company to get your money back. In most cases the lawsuit will cost you more than the move itself.

We are here only to provide help and not to tell you what to do. We know what we do for living inside and out so please heed our advice! This information will save you a lot of time, money and stress. Be careful when choosing a moving services company. Make sure they are reputable and provide a flat quote for the entire job up front so there are no misunderstandings or additional charges.

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