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  Long Distance Moving Scams Information by Packing Services, Inc.

Moving Scam | Long Distance Move 

What is a Long Distance move?
A long distance move is when you move from one state to another within the United States, which is completely different from a local move, making it a whole different ball game. It is an extremely busy and tiring experience that could become very stressful if you do not have the necessary experience and know-how. You should find the best shipping or moving company that will provide the most professional and efficient services getting your belongings from the old place to the new place without issue in a safe and timely manner. Packing Services, Inc. gives all potential customers a Flat Rate Guaranteed Quote before any move begins. We care about our customers and we want them to tell their friends and colleagues about the professional service they received from Packing Services, Inc.

How do shipping and moving companies charge for a Long Distance move?
They charge by Cubic Feet or by the amount of Weight and Packing Materials needed:

Cubic Feet: Cubic Feet is measured by the amount of space used in cubic feet: the more space your items take up in their truck the more money you will pay.

Weight: The companies will weigh the truck before they show up at your doorstep, to know the weight before placing your items inside. After your items are loaded, they will go back to weigh the truck again. This will determine the difference in weight and ultimately how much you'll end up paying. Another potential moving scam or moving fraud exists when before weighing your load they fill their already empty gas tank and stick you with the bill. Packing Services, Inc. works hard to ensure this type of unethical practice doesn’t happen to you. Always research the company you hire.

Packing: When it comes to long distance shipping, the company will charge for the packing and shipping materials used and not for their time. Beware of their prices, ask about their rates before you sign a contract or book the job.

What are shipping and moving company scams and how can I get ripped off?
Shipping and moving company scams occur when you get ANY estimate. The estimate changes after the shipping or moving company has your belongings on their truck the same day of the move. You may get a phone call a few days after the move and in most cases you end up paying more than double the original estimate. This is a common moving scam or moving fraud committed by unethical companies. Packing Services, Inc. will guarantee you a price for the entire service provided before any belongings are packed or moved. You deserve to know what you will pay from the beginning! If they cannot tell you then find another company who can. Avoid scams and stay a step ahead of those who would cheat you out of your hard earned money.

Cubic Feet: Many unethical shipping and moving companies who scam customers will provide you with a lowball rate per cubic foot, but when the company comes to pick up your belongings they charge a higher rate per cubic foot than the original estimated price or they will not pack the truck tightly (efficiently) so your load will take up more space inside the truck.

Example: Let's say you are moving from Florida to New York, you have an estimate of 300 cubic feet, at $3.00 per cubic feet, your total for this estimate will be: $900.00.

Note: This is a low-ball estimate and you should know that something is wrong, because every company has a minimum for any job, such as $1000-$1100.00. If you get less than the minimum, you are about to be scammed. They want you to book the job so they will get you later once your items are locked in their truck and you are at their mercy. Just think, the gas alone will cost them $350-500, and don't forget the employees must be paid as well. NO ONE works for free. If you have more items, let's say 100 cubic feet more, the charge per cubic feet will go higher, anywhere from $4.00-$8.00. If they charge you the minimum, that is $4.00 per cubic feet then the extra will be $400.00. This is almost half of the original estimate and this is only the minimum! What if they will charge you $7.00 or $8.00? And what if you have more than 100 cubic feet extra? You do the math and you will see dealing with unethical companies can get ugly.

Some companies will provide you an extremely lowball estimate just to get you to agree to let them provide the service. They will come to your home and let you sign a blank contract (NEVER DO THIS). Then they will load everything onto their truck. Before they leave, they will give you the total of what the move will cost and the original estimate will double and sometimes even triple. By law, you cannot do anything because you signed the contract and you will be held accountable for what the company says you owe them, or else you will not get your belongings until you pay them every penny. If you try to sue them, it will cost you even more than the move. This also applies when you move by weight. Those companies should be held accountable or be charged with moving fraud but unfortunately this is legal for them to do.

Weight: The shipping or moving companies can use a receipt from another person's job for the before weight and use yours for the after. They can weigh the truck with an empty gas tank and after they load your items, weigh the truck with a full gas tank. You can get a lowball rate per pound, which of course would change with the added weight.

Packing Materials: Their prices run from $20.00-$40.00 per box. They will not say anything about their packing and materials charges until their employees come to move your belongings. They will use as many packing supplies as they can to get the bill higher. If you tell them not to pack anything, they will make you sign a waiver saying that if something should happen to your items, they will not be responsible. In the end you will feel trapped because you know you are being ripped off and being forced to do something that you do not want to do. So please, be careful, because there are many disreputable companies out there. Do your research before hiring just any company.

Most moving companies won't tell you that after they load your items at your old location, they unload them into their warehouse and when they are ready with a few more jobs going to your state, they will once more load your items on to their truck to take them to your new place. They may even sell your job to another carrier to take your items to your new location.
Their employees are hired with no experience, they don't know how to pack/unpack, or even how to load/unload a truck in a professional way. A lot of companies use Labor Ready guys that don't know anything about the moving business.

How do the moving scams start?
The shipping and moving companies will ask you for a list of items that you have to move. They will want you to underestimate the number of items you have so they can and will charge you more for the extra cubic feet. It will be very hard for you to know how many boxes you will have until you are done packing your belongings, so when they come to move your belongings and see that you have more items than listed this is when everything starts to fall apart.

What are the hidden costs of moving scams?
Charges for extra Cubic Feet, Packing, Long Carry, Stairs and Elevator charges:

Cubic Feet: More items, more space and more money. This is a common way for moving scams to get underway.

Packing: For every item that the moving company will pack or wrap, you will pay for the packing and materials and know that their prices will b ridiculously high. Also, more often than not, their pricing for these materials is completely outrageous.

Long Carry: If the truck is more than 50 feet away from your doorstep, there will be a charge of $50-$150.00 per 50 feet.

Stairs: If you live on the 2nd floor, or you have a flight of stairs in your home, there will be a charge of $50-$150.00 per flight of stairs.

Elevator: If you have an elevator that needs to be used to get to your home, there will be a charge of $50-$150.00, onetime fee.

How can I save myself and avoid the moving company scams?
Don't worry, there is still hope. You do not have to pay so much money and take the risk of the shipping or moving companies holding your belongings hostage. Rent a container from companies like Door-To-Door, PODS Container, PackRat, ABF – U Pack and let Packing Services, Inc. pack and load your belongings for you.

Who is Packing Services, Inc. and what do we do?
Packing Services, Inc. was opened in 2003 to provide a certain level of professionalism to the industry and help people that don't know anything about moving scams. We are here to educate you with our experience and knowledge for FREE. We will help you save time, money and make it less stressful when you move. We'll help you avoid the moving fraud that is so common in the industry.

We do the most professional packing/unpacking, loading/unloading, palletizing and crating for any kind of move at anytime. We are a full service packing and loading company and we pack EVERYTHING in only a few short hours so you can stop packing for days, weeks or even months ahead of time. Our employees at Packing Services, Inc. are professional and have years of packing and moving experience. We take pride in treating your items as if they are our own. We make sure the items are safely packed and protected with the best packing knowledge to ensure nothing gets damaged, broken or even scratched. Packing Services, Inc. knows you are paying a lot of money for your move and it is very important to receive your items in the same condition they were in prior to your move. We inform all potential customers of possible moving fraud or other moving scams just to provide them with peace of mind knowing with Packing Services, Inc. they will receive the most professional and ethical services in the industry.

Packing Services, Inc. tries to make our customers calm and relaxed because we know how hard and stressful moving can be. Packing Services, Inc. is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau rated A+ (the highest rate) since 2007.

What is the best way to move?
These days it is better to move with a container company such as:
Door-To-Door, Get a Sam or ABF truck: they will drop off a truck or a container at your location, you will pack and load the truck or the container and after it is full, they will come and pick it up. Then you will not need to be afraid of any moving scams because the truck or the container company will provide you with a flat fee. Also your items will not get loaded and unloaded again and again like with shipping or moving companies, they will stay in one place until you unload them. You can also rent a truck such as: Penske, Budget, Enterprise, U Haul and drive it yourself. Always protect yourself by becoming informed and making the best decision for your moving service requirements. 

How can Packing Services, Inc. help me avoid moving scams?
We will send one of our representatives to your place at your convenience to provide you a flat fee guaranteed quote and we will show you pictures of how the items will look like before, during and after the completion of our packing service. Most of these moving company scams can be avoided if you simply have enough information to protect yourself.

Then we will come on the day you choose, pack everything and then load it on to your truck, container, Pod, trailer or storage unit. It will take us ONLY a few hours to do the packing and loading/unloading, unlike someone who does not have the necessary experience.

What are the benefits of using Packing Services, Inc. over a moving company?
*Save a lot of time, let the professionals at Packing Services, Inc. complete in just A FEW HOURS what can take you so long to do by yourself. Then we will load everything into a truck for you.
* Save money off the expensive cost of movers. Enjoy competitive savings over other moving service companies.

* Know that your belongings are professionally packed and ready to be moved safely.

* Get an honest and guaranteed FLAT RATE QUOTE.

* Get charged by the items to be packed and not by the hour.

* Protect yourself; Packing Services, Inc. will increase your knowledge of how the moving industry works by educating you on the entire moving process and by helping you know what to watch out for.

* Helping you avoid getting ripped off, by hidden fees and sudden price increases that often accompany moving company “estimates”.

* Our employees are experts in packing services, loading/unloading trucks, international containers and pods containers. They are seasoned professionals with the best knowledge in the business of how items should be loaded and stacked.

What are the differences in charges between shipping or moving companies and Packing Services, Inc.?
Most moving companies charge $30.00-$40.00 per box, our company charges $7.00-$18.00 per box (only in Florida), we don't charge for time at all.
We don't charge for elevator use, long carries, cubic feet, weight or stairs.
We charge for the items to be packed only, including the boxes we provide.

What is a booking agent?
This is the agent you choose as your mover or the member of a van line that will coordinate all dates and services for your move. We don't have or use any booking agents.

What is full packing?
Your movers will pack everything in your household for you. Make sure to keep any legal papers, medicines and valuables with you during the move.

How can I ensure that special items will be treated with extra-special care?
You can move some of the items that have high sentimental or monetary value yourself. If you prefer to let your movers complete this task, make sure you clearly indicate which items you would like them to take special care of during the move.

If you choose to move with a moving company, what is the best way to move?
The best way to move will be with a large company such as:  Mayflower, Allied, or North American. They are very professional and know what they are doing, but because they have been in business for so long, they are more expensive than a small company and there are many people who cannot afford them; even so, always ask for a flat fee guaranteed quote before they come to do the job. Our advice is not to use a small company because they can close their business after a year and open another one with a new name. A lot of companies do this, as it is an easy way for them to hide their bad reputation.

How do we start the moving process?
As with any moving company that would like to provide you with an estimate, they will need a list of items that you have to move. From this list you will get the estimate. You have to be very careful because they have the best sales people in the business, they know how to convince anyone and sell anything, and this is why they get paid so much. They want you to miscount and underestimate the number of items so they can give you a lowball rate and when it comes time to move your items, they will find more items and then the extra charges will start showing up. Make a list of what you have and our advice is to overestimate the number of boxes you think you will have, so when they move you, the estimate will not go up but should go down, although in most cases this will not happen.

How can I get the most precise estimate to avoid the moving scams?
Let us do the packing for you and then we will prepare everything so it is ready for the moving company. This way they will not charge you their ridiculous prices for their materials and wasted time. With Packing Services, Inc. professionals will pack your items in the most safe and secure way possible. We will save you money by making an inventory list for you during the packing service and even tell you the cubic feet and weight you will have so you can provide it to the moving companies and get a more precise estimate with no extra charges and hidden surprises on the day of the move.

Please don't forget that our prices are more competitive than any shipping or moving company. We also have the best packing service employees in the business; we ensure that our employees have worked for no less than one year in the moving service industry or else they cannot work for our company. Most moving companies hire people with no experience in packing or moving items without damaging them. If they charge by the hour, they will waste your time and money because they want to make as much money as they can. That’s why you want a flat quote for the whole job and you do not want to be charged for time!

Which companies should I be aware of and how do I find the right mover for my move?
Beware of shipping and moving companies with many complaints. You can find information about companies at the following websites: or

Write down the names of the companies you think you want to move with and find out about their history.

Am I expected to tip the guys?
We will not ask for a tip like most other moving companies, but it is customary to tip the guys for a job well done.

Are the movers experienced workers?
Our employees are experts in packing services, loading/unloading trucks, international containers and pods containers. They are seasoned professionals with the best knowledge in the business of how items should be loaded and stacked. Our employees must work for a professional moving company for at least one year before we will hire them to work for us. Most moving companies hire people with no experience in packing or moving items without damaging them. So always do your research!

Do I have to empty all of my filing cabinets?
Metal filing cabinets with 2-drawers can be left full, but you should empty the top 2 drawers of a 4-drawer cabinet. You should also completely empty all lateral file cabinets and all drawers of a wooden cabinet.

What is the delivery time for a Long Distance move?
Depending on your move, if you move along the east/west coast, it takes 7-10 business days. If you move coast to coast, it takes 14-21 business days.

What is a Tariff Discount for a long distance move?
The "Tariff Discount" is not really something you should base your decision on when choosing a moving company. The tariff discounts usually look good on the estimate forms, but in reality they get paid by cubic feet or weight, so what you should care about (money-wise) is the price per cubic foot or per lb. For local moves it is priced per hour, plus all additional costs. Your first concern when looking for a mover is whether they are licensed, insured and have been in business long enough to have a good record with consumers (check the Better Business Bureau for example). Only then you should be concerned about the price - otherwise you will get a "cheap" estimate that will grow into some really ugly inflated "total" by the end of the move.

We at Packing Services, Inc. don't say that ALL moving companies are bad; we just try to help you avoid the moving company scams and unethical practices of those who would take advantage of you. We wish you all a stress-free, safe and successful move.

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