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Very good - they showed up as promised - with 3 guys who were professional and efficient. All of our belongings were packed up and organized by room. Because my husband recently had shoulder surgery, there was no way we could have gotten all this packing done by ourselves - Thanks!
Heidi Shilensky
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At Packing Services, Inc., we work diligently to ensure that every company that advertises moving services on our website is extremely reputable and are applicably licensed to perform moving services. Packing Services, Inc. is fully aware that in life accidents and misunderstandings can occur from time to time during a move. Regardless, Packing Services, Inc. in no way makes any representations or guarantees regarding the services or merchantability of the services rendered by the vendors advertising on our company website. If a problem arises with a particular vendor you found on our website, please try to resolve the issue directly with the vendor.

If you are for any reason still unsatisfied with the service rendered by any particular vendor, please contact Packing Services, Inc. right away. We will acknowledge the problem immediately and convey your complaint to the vendor. If Packing Services Inc. receives additional complaints regarding this particular vendor or if your complaint is so egregious that it is clear that the vendor must resolve the issue themselves, Packing Services, Inc. reserves the right to drop the company from our listing service and remove them from our company website entirely.

Moving / Shipping Companies Sources - Link Resources

  Baker International Insurance
Baker International Insurance
  United States - Postal Service
United States - Postal Service
  FedEx - Postal Service
FedEx - Postal Service
  UPS - Postal Service
UPS - Postal Service
  DHL - Postal Service
DHL - Postal Service
  U-Pack - ABF- Container Company
U-Pack - ABF- Container Company
  Door To Door - Container Company
Door To Door - Container Company
  Pods- Container company
Pods- Container company
  Penske - Rental Truck Company
Penske - Rental Truck Company
  U-Haul - Rental Truck Company
U-Haul - Rental Truck Company
  Budget - Rental Truck Company
Budget - Rental Truck Company
  Enterprise - Rental Truck Company
Enterprise - Rental Truck Company

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Packing/Unpacking, Loading/Unloading, Crating, and Delivery, Unlike Brokers and Shipping/Moving companies.

Last minute jobs, both Residential and Commercial.

Packing/Unpacking Boxes, Crates, and Fragile items.

Wrapping Furniture, Antique, and New.

Loading/Unloading Trucks, Containers, Pods, and Trailers.

Packing Service Inc. is not a Broker company so we use our very own professional employees.

Brokers contract other companies and do not know who the employees will be.

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