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Exceptional!! they were puntual and very respectful, they stayed very focus on the job and had a very good attitude! will definitely use them again.
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Moving Scam | International Move 

What is an international move?
An international move is a move outside of the country (from one country to another).

How and when should I arrange for relocation services?
Packing Services, Inc. is able to process shipment information on short notice but would prefer a window of about 1 to 4 weeks prior to the relocation date. This will allow us to schedule an in-house visual survey, prepare an initial quote, and schedule sufficient time to pre-plan the move and efficiently manage the items to be moved.

How much time does a pre-move survey take at my home?
One of our fully trained and experienced sales consultants will visit you (in Florida and New York for now) to discuss when you wish to move. He or she will advise you on what may or may not be practical to transport, assess any special packing or delivery requirements and identify any other requirements such as parking permits or lifting equipment necessary for the safe removal of your goods.

How do moving scams apply on an international move?
Moving or shipping companies commit moving fraud by charging by Cubic Feet or by the amount of Weight and Packing Materials needed:
Cubic Feet: The shipping and moving companies will provide you with a lowball rate per cubic foot, but when they come to pick up your belongings, the rate per cubic feet will go higher than the estimated price for all your extra items, or they will not pack the truck tightly so it will take more space raising the price per cubic foot. This is a well-known technique where movers scam customers. Some companies will provide you an extremely lowball estimate just to book the job with you. They will come to your home, let you sign a blank contract (NEVER DO THIS), and then load everything into their truck. Before they leave, they will give you the total of what the move will cost and in numerous cases it will double the original estimate. This is another way moving companies can scam customers. By law, you cannot do anything because you signed that contract and you will be held accountable for what the company says you owe, or else you will not get your belongings until you pay every penny. If you try to sue them, it will cost you even more than the move itself. This also applies when you move by weight, another unethical practice of moving fraud.
Packing Materials: Most packing or moving company prices charge between twenty and forty dollars, per box. This is a popular way most moving company scams take place. They will not say anything about their packing and materials charges until their employees come to move your belongings. The average packing company and moving services company will use as many packing supplies as possible and try to inflate your bill. If you tell them not to pack anything, they will make you sign a waiver saying that if something should happen to your items, they will not be responsible. In the end you will feel trapped because you know you are being ripped off and being forced to do something that you do not want to do. This is yet another moving scam companies commit. So please, be careful of the moving scams and lowball estimates, because there are many bad moving company scams out there. Most moving companies won't tell you that after they load your items at your old location, they unload them into their warehouse and when they are ready with a few more jobs to be sent out of their state, they will then load your items on to the truck that will take them to your new location. This should be known as moving fraud, but it is still legal as this is included in very fine print when you sign the contract. They may even sell the job to another carrier who will take your items to the new location. This is a well-known moving scam perpetrated by unethical companies. Their employees are hired with no experience, don't know how to pack / unpack, or even how to load / unload a truck in a professional way. A lot of moving and packing companies use Labor Ready guys that don't know anything about the moving business and are well known to commit moving scams.

How can I avoid shipping or moving company scams for an international move?
Write down the names of the companies you are thinking of using and find out more about the history of the company by going to: or
Get an in-home quote before your moving date with a flat price for your move including all fees and expenses and of course ask a lot of questions. If the mover looks or acts unprofessional and you have a doubt about the company just move on, as there are a ton of companies out there. Packing Services, Inc. is the ONLY PACKING COMPANY that provides free information about moving scams on our company website. Be very skeptical as to which companies you hire as most are well known to commit moving scams during a crucial international move or long distance move. When you're prepared with the right information, and have hired the most professional company, you can safely protect yourself from moving scams.

What are my responsibilities?
Your responsibilities revolve around compliance with the regulations regarding entry into the country of destination and the documentation supporting your move. Packing Services, Inc. will be able to advise you on the necessary documentation, but you should still contact the embassy or consulate personally to verify all of the requirements. Regarding the move itself, you should be present throughout the packing and loading process as well as the delivery at your final destination. While your shipment is clearing customs it is also important to make yourself available.

How can I ensure that special items will be treated with extra-special care?
You can move some of the items that have high sentimental or monetary value yourself. If you prefer to let your movers complete this task during an international move, make sure you clearly indicate which items you would like them to take special care of during the move. This is why it's important to hire good companies for your long distance international move. If a company is sloppy with your delicate items, then the security of your long distance move can be jeopardized.

Are Packing Services, Inc.'s movers experienced workers?
Our employees are experts in packing services, loading/unloading Rental Trucks and Pods Containers. They are seasoned professionals with the best knowledge in the business of how items should be loaded and stacked. Our employees must work in the moving services industry for at least one year before they can work for us. Most relocation moving services companies and packing companies hire people with no experience in packing or moving items and these companies usually commit moving company scams. These moving companies' lowball estimates may sound great in the beginning, but it's all a ploy to get you to hire them. You need to find licensed and insured companies for your move. Most moving scam companies are inexperienced laborers, criminally expensive, and have very little customer care.

What items are prohibited from importation?
Certain items cannot be accepted for storage or transportation under general conditions of carriage and terms of Standard Liability. For example: food, cash, bonds, jewelry, alcohol, fireworks or other explosives, flammable gases, liquids or solids, poisons and toxins, corrosives, radioactive materials, ammunition or firearms, scuba tanks, gas cylinders, aerosol cans, butane lighters and other pressurized vessels or pornography of any description. During your international move, it is also inadvisable to include perishables or liquids, which could leak in transit causing extensive damage.

How do I prepare my appliances?
Before the packers arrive at your home, make certain all of the appliances you plan to take have been cleaned and serviced. Be sure to check your owner's manuals for cleaning instructions. To prevent mold and mildew, major appliances that use water or produce moisture, such as dishwashers or refrigerators, will need time to dry thoroughly before they are packed. You must have all mechanical and electrical equipment serviced prior to your move. Most washers, dryers, air conditioners, refrigerators, stereos and grandfather clocks have components that must be secured by a trained technician.

What will happen on the day of moving?
Packing and Loading: When our packing services team arrives at your home, your personal belongings will be placed in the appropriate cartons or containers. To protect your goods from damages, items will be individually wrapped in paper pads as needed. Made of shock-absorbing fiber, the paper pads are used exclusively for international relocation.

How long is this journey going to take?
If you use airfreight, allow up to 14 days door-to-door. If you are talking about remote areas, it will take longer. By sea, it depends where you are going but a reasonable estimate is Europe/USA - 6/8 weeks, Asia/USA - 4/6 weeks and Australia/USA - 8/12 weeks - Australia/New Zealand 2/3 weeks - U.K. to Australia or New Zealand 8-10 weeks.

What method of shipment do we recommend?
There are a number of considerations when selecting the most appropriate service for moving your home contents during an international move. The overall quantity of goods, urgency of delivery, insurance considerations, topography en route and budget all play a part in choosing the service that is right for you.
Sea Freight: This is the most common mode of shipment. Household goods are export packed and stowed in water-resistant steel containers. Containerization of cargo is the key to safety. Containers travel secured in an upright position on modern purpose-built vessels. The internal height is 8ft, so even the tallest items of furniture remain upright and contents rarely shift. With rear doors that are customs-sealed, the containers are virtually pilferage-free. Containers are generally available in 20ft (1050 cubic feet capacity - a typical 3/4 bedroom home) and 40ft (2100 cubic feet capacity) configurations on all major routes. Smaller 20ft insulated containers (850 cubic feet capacity) are also available to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and larger 45ft containers (2400 cubic feet capacity) are also available to the USA and S.E. Asia.
Air Freight: Airfreight has the obvious advantage of speed and is recommended for items that need to be there without delay such as wedding gifts, computers, business clothing and tools of trade. Airfreight can be cost-effective, even for larger consignments, particularly those to inland destinations many miles from a container port. Consignments are export packed, secured in enclosed airline pallets (igloos) and transported in the cargo hold of passenger or freight aircraft. Transit time by air is typically between 7 and 14 days.

What various container services are there to choose between?
Exclusive Container: If you are shipping sufficient quantities, we will recommend a container for your exclusive use. This is the ideal solution as the container will be loaded and sealed at your home and in your presence, delivered directly to the port of departure and shipped on board the first available vessel. Often the container can be delivered directly from the destination terminal to your new home, subject to local customs and quarantine formalities, thereby avoiding any unnecessary handling throughout the journey. This method is also known as an FCL (Full Container Load). Transit by exclusive container varies typically from 2 to 4 weeks to North America, to 5 to 7 weeks to Australia. This method can also apply if you are shipping a motor vehicle with your household goods where the combined volume amounts to a full container load. Using specialized equipment, the car will be loaded with your household goods in the most professional and efficient way.
Less Than Full Container: Consignments destined for countries are export packed in sturdy outer plywood cases (lift vans) and delivered to the container terminal for containerization by the shipping line. This method is known as LCL (less than container load).

Can I move my car?
Most of the time Packing Services, Inc. can arrange loading your car with the rest of your belongings in a trailer or a container. If this is not possible, we can arrange for an alternate method. In some countries, the import duty on cars is so crippling you may not want to even think about importing one. Others will have special regulations regarding emission controls or even have rigorous steam cleaning requirements. Also it can be difficult enough learning to drive on the different side of the road without having to cope with a vehicle, which is not designed for your destination country rules.

How can I determine the taxes for which I will be responsible?
Your International Representative will provide general guidelines regarding duties and taxes. However, used household goods and personal effects are allowed to enter most countries without significant duties or taxes. Official information can be obtained by contacting the Consulate or Embassy of the destination country.

What is insurance coverage based on?
The majority of international moving services companies will offer a comprehensive insurance policy based on Replacement Cost Protection (RCP). You will provide the moving company with an itemized valued inventory list (can be made by us on the same day of the packing and loading service) that will detail items with their replacement cost at destination. Ask your shipping / moving company about the insurance programs that they provide and the premiums that are charged for that coverage. Make sure you include all items on your valued inventory list and do not under-insure your shipment.

What should I take with me on the plane and not send in the shipment?
You should make sure that the following items are not packed by any packing or moving companies, but rather taken with you during the move: passports/visas, travel documents, medicines, luggage and travel items. In addition, there are certain items that you should hand pack, as no insurance policy will provide you coverage for such items if they are moved as an unaccompanied shipment. Such items include jewelry, cash, stocks (or any negotiable instrument), tax returns, medical papers, furs or coin collections (or similar). If you do have an extensive collection, check with your moving consultant to see if coverage can be arranged at an extra premium if you cannot take the items with you.

What defining moving terms should I learn?
To best help you avoid moving company scams; you need to know the various terms and definitions in the industry. After learning these terms, remember to ask the service you hire about them. Do your homework before falling victim to moving company scams.
Accessorial Service: Work performed other than transportation at your request, such as appliance servicing, extra pickups and storage. Charges for these services are in addition to transportation costs.
Claim: A statement of loss or damage to household goods.
Destination Agent: The agent in the delivery city or locale that provides destination services. Door-to-Door Moving Services: The relocation of household goods from residence to residence.
Duty: The fees imposed by a country's sovereign laws on imports or exports.
Estimate: An approximation of moving costs, size and bulk as determined by an agent's physical survey of a shipment.
Inventory: A detailed list of your household goods, describing each item and its condition at loading. The inventory is prepared for you as your goods are professionally packed and is used as a customs document for clearance of your shipment. Upon delivery, you also can use the inventory list to check for any possible loss or damage.
Liability: The maximum amount for which the mover is normally liable in connection with loss or damage of cargo while in transit or storage.
Lift-Van: A wooden or plywood container used mainly on overseas removals is built specifically to transport household goods.
Order for Service: The itemized receipt for your household goods and agreement for their transportation, including the terms and conditions under which the goods are moved. Your signature acknowledges the household goods have been "released to the carrier".
Order Number: Used to identify each shipment, the number appears in the upper right-hand corner of the order for service. You will need this number as a reference whenever you have a question about your shipment.
Origin Agent: The agent who provides services at origin, such as packing and loading.

Storage-In Transit: The temporary warehousing of your household goods. If you request storage, check with your agent to see what kind of transit and storage protection you have. Depending on how long your goods will be stored, you might need to apply for an extension of your protection policy.

What is a booking agent?
This is the agent you choose as your mover or the member of a van line that will coordinate all dates and services for your move. We don't have or use any booking agents.

What is full packing?
Your movers will pack everything in your household for you. Make sure to keep any legal papers, medicines and valuables with you during the move, as some companies commit moving fraud and may possibly even steal your personal items. This is a common moving scam that you can avoid.

Am I expected to tip the guys?
We will not ask for a tip like most other moving companies but it is customary to tip the guys for a job well done.
We at Packing Services, Inc. don’t say that ALL moving companies are bad; we just try to help you avoid the moving fraud and scams. We wish you all a great, successful and a safe long distance move.

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