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Excellent!!! Fast, Organized and nice attitude helpul and willing to do extra if asked, we will definitely use this copmpany again!!
Paul and Marla Greenspan
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  Welcome to Packing Services, Inc.

Are you tired of looking for a packing, loading, crating & shipping company with a flat rate quote?

Packing Services, Inc. opened its doors for service in 2003 and we have been a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (rated A+) since 2007. We are an industry leader among Packing and Shipping companies providing packing / unpacking, loading / unloading, palletizing, crating and shipping services nationwide. For all moving and packing services, Packing Services, Inc. provides only professional employees with extensive training in moving services such as: packing houses, loading moving containers, palletizing boxes, palletizing furniture, crating and shipping, building custom wooden boxes, or freight and logistics.

The services Packing Services, Inc. offers are the best in the business. No matter what item you need to ship, we have the capability to pack, load and ship it domestically and internationally. Our nationwide relocation services takes the stress away from your big move so you can deal with other more pressing matters, like personal or business obligations. Most packing and shipping companies will bill by the hour or the space required and provide estimates that will change upon the job’s completion. With Packing Services, Inc. you will receive one flat rate quote that is guaranteed for the job. Most moving and packing services providers give low-ball estimates, which in countless cases will double and sometimes even triple upon receiving your final bill. Save yourself the stress and aggravation of dealing with these unethical practices- get a flat rate quote from day one and know exactly what you will pay with no surprises. Packing Services, Inc. is the premier professional packing and moving services provider with over ten years experience in the business; trust us to get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Packing Houses | Loading Containers | Pallet Services | Crating and Shipping

Whether you require our moving and packing services for loading containers, loading moving trucks, palletizing boxes, Palletizing Furniture, freight and logistics, or crating and Shipping Services, Packing Services, Inc. is the most professional and efficient among packing and shipping companies offering nationwide relocation services with only flat rate quotes for the entire job. If you even hear the word estimate, do your research and make an informed decision. You work hard for your money and you value your property so make every effort to ensure you receive the best packing and moving services in the industry.

Nationwide Relocation Services | Custom Wooden Boxes | Pallet Services

Regardless of what items you need to transport from one place to another, we will pack and ship your valuables safely and securely anywhere you require both domestically and internationally. When you need to find packing and shipping companies or freight shipping companies, keep Packing Services, Inc. at the top of your list. We wrap, re-wrap, pad, tape and shrink wrap your furniture to ensure the highest level of protection. We wrap and provide paper cushioning for all your items in boxes using only quality materials and the most professional staff in the industry. All our workers must have a minimum of one year in the moving and packing services industry before they can work with our company. With Packing Services, Inc. our customers, much like our company reputation, mean everything to us and we are proud to have earned a place among the most professional and ethical packing and shipping companies in the business.

We are the only company in the Moving Services industry that provides every service under one roof making us unique in the business. Most packing and shipping companies focus on one or two services. We are a multi-faceted moving service provider that handles packing and unpacking, Loading and Unloading, palletizing services, crating and shipping and nationwide relocation services on a daily basis. If you have furniture or large machinery, we can palletize or crate practically any item regardless of size and weight; we can pack, load and ship it. We also build custom wooden boxes specifically designed for your items. We wrap, strap and shrink-wrap your items to pallets (palletizing) with the utmost care to ensure all your items are handled in the safest and most professional way. When you are looking for packing and loading, Crating and pallet services, crating and shipping or freight shipping companies, remember Packing Services, Inc. does not provide estimates, only guaranteed flat rate quotes. We are a one-stop-shop packing and moving services provider that can handle any job, big or small. 

Flat Rates Guaranteed, Packing Service Inc. Wooden Crates, Loading and Unloading, Pack and Load Services CompanyProfessional Employees, Packing Service Inc. Packing boxes, Custom Crates, Palletizing Services, Loading CompanyMember of the BBB Rated A+ Packing Service Inc. Packing Company, Helping You Avoid ScamsHelping You Avoid Moving Company Scams, Packing Service Inc. Great and Reliable Customer Service, Packing Service Inc.

Call 888-616-7225 now, or fill out our form to get a flat rate quote for all your needs.


Good timely arrival & fast, efficient work, Packing Services, Inc. employees have obviously done this a time or two before, Good crew!
John Bosman
Exceptional service - on time and professional, thank you very much again.
Marcia Hoffneimer
The service was great, fast. on time and very professioanl, I would highly recommend them!
Anna Loeb
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